Bathing & Grooming Services

dog bathing and grooming servicesIf your dog is feeling a little dirty and stinky and you don’t have the time, patience, or energy to deal with that, allow us to make your life easier and less messy. With out bathing and grooming services, it’s more like a glorious and glamorous spa day that leaves your companion feeling top dawg!

We start by picking up your pooch and taking them on a classy ride to the nearest DIY dog washing facility (keeping your dollars in the local economy), so that there is no mess in your home to stress about. There, we give them a good scrubbing and brush out those luscious locks, before returning them safely back to your home. Ear cleaning, nail trimming, and anal gland expression are all included in the cost. While shampoo is included in our fee, we are happy to use any special shampoos or conditioners your pup may require, if you provide it to us.

Rates for Bathing & Grooming*

  • Small dogs (0-25 lbs.): $48 & up
  • Medium dogs (26-45 lbs.): $58 & up
  • Large dogs (over 45 lbs.): $68 & up

*Prices vary, depending on factors like the condition of the dog’s coat, etc.

For prices in our Portland service area, please click here.